Charity is always from the heart

This past Saturday, October 11th, I brought my butt up to northern California for a car show! Not just any carshow… it was Team District 10’s 8th annual fundraiser for the HERS breast cancer foundation! This was the second year in a row I attended the show and will continue to be apart of (as long as I am invited :-P). It was great to see a lot of familiar faces from the previous year, as well as a ton of new ones! As always, I remain grateful and appreciative to all of you who took your time to support my friends from Team District 10 and showed your generosity by donating!! It will never be forgotten 🙂
I can’t wait to see the turn out of cars next year! I posted a small gallery of photos from the event, too. Check it out!!

Limited Release Poster (Asphalt by Rey Trajano)

We shot this photo a few months ago while shooting for Jinx & Muse (an online boutique). I’ve started to transition my style to something that is more me and into photos that are more my personality. I’m starting to live and breathe the art around me. I want you guys to see more than just a picture of a half naked chick… If that makes sense… Hence taking off my pants and walking in the middle of the 4th street bridge in my chucks and a shirt on a whim, so that Rey could get a shot of my bum bum… Yep, that’s me! I was sitting there looking at the bridge and thought to myself. I want this photo… and he captured it. Hope you guys like it.

This picture is available as a limited release poster so get it while ya can in my shop!

Illest X Misa Campo Launch at The Rail Ph

I’ve been in the Philippines for about three weeks now. I know that is a pretty long time but, this is the mother’s motherland after all!!

On April 29th, my great friends in Manila opened another location to their concept store called “The Rail” in Glorietta 5. The Launch was pretty sick, we had a skate ramp set up and everything in the middle of the mall. Not only that…, BUT we released two collaborations. We released Illest X Misa Campo (Skateboard Deck and Tees) and Illest X Gshock (Watches). Our great friends Mark Arcenal, the owner of Illest, came to support his line and Nicky Diamonds, owner of Diamond Supply Co., came to do the same.

It was an amazing turn out, one of the best I’ve ever seen for a store opening. I wish I could personally say thank you to everyone who was there who came and supported us. And everyone who took a picture with me! I appreciate everyone, God Bless you.

Everyone check out the rail for you essential skatewear or street wear needs!




On Tuesday, Feb 11th I shot with director Josh Soskin for his photography project, “Untitled Underwear Project”. The hashtag is on instagram, you can check it out! I can’t wait to see the photos and share it with all of you.

We shot in a laundry mat haha, and the entire thing was 70s Playboy theme. The most natural things are the most sexy and forgotten. What we have adjusted to seeing on women and photos, is completely unrealistic. The photoshop, the pointing of the toes, the positioning, the duck faces. I’ve longer than recently gotten over that sort of imaging, hence why you haven’t seen any super enhanced photos of me, the past couple of years… ALTHOUGH, I know that is what first attracted everyone to my photos. 😛

Anyhoot, Josh is a naturalist as I am, and here is a little sneak-peek-photo-preview of a small clip we shot of me running around in underwear in an alley in Venice Beach, California. It was FREEZING!!! But well worth it…. PHOTOS COMING SOON! Love u guys and happy valentine’s day!